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Eastern Hills Friends Meeting is an unprogrammed Quaker meeting. All are welcome to join us in worship. We gather and wait in silence each Sunday (First Day) for about one hour. Often one of us is moved to speak, sharing a message, insight or concern. After worship, we always take time to visit and we often have a program, discussion or other activity. See the calendar for details.

Meeting Times

Unprogrammed Meeting for Worship begins at 10:00 a.m. each First Day (Sunday). During the summer childcare is provided for the second half of meeting.

Who we are

We are a member of both the Miami Quarterly Meeting of Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting (Friends General Conference); and of Miami Center Quarterly Meeting of Wilmington Yearly Meeting (Friends United Meeting).

The Religious Society of Friends is grounded in Christian tradition. Not all at Eastern Hills Monthly Meeting would call themselves Christ-centered. For those who are, Jesus’ role in the Meeting is perhaps best described in the words of one of our members: Jesus is welcome here, no matter what one’s relationship to him is. Our worship is not defined by theology or dogma. Christ-centered or not, we are mindful that our identity as Friends comes from Jesus’ saying, "You are my friends if you do as I have commanded you" (John 15:14). We seek to know and to live our understanding of God’s will as revealed in Jesus’ teachings and life and in our own experience of the Divine. We welcome all to our Meeting who feel that they can unite with us on such a spiritual journey. We share the observation of the Eighteenth Century American Quaker John Woolman: "I find no narrowness respecting sects and opinions, but believed that sincere, upright-hearted people in every Society who truly loved God were accepted of him."

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At Eastern Hills we begin our Meeting for Worship with brief singing. We then enter the silence and proceed in "open worship" or what earlier Quakers called "expectant waiting." In the silence, we might meditate, read scripture or other devotional material, or pray, all the while waiting openly for a possible leading from God to rise and speak.

During the school year children sit in meeting for about 30 minutes, and then leave to attend First Day School. Child care is provided for babies and toddlers. During the summer older children remain in Meeting, and care is provided for younger children.

What to expect on your first visit to our Meeting

What Quakers Believe

The Religious Society of Friends holds as the basis of its faith the belief that the Seed of God is in every human being. God leaves no one without witness, but gives the light of Divine truth and presence to people of all classes and races.

This manifestation of God in humanity was most fully exemplified in Jesus of Nazareth. The Divine Spirit became so wholly Jesus' own that his teaching, example, and sacrificial life are inspiring revelations in humanity of the will of God.

That of God

For more information on Quaker beliefs see About Quakers

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